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Jeff Charnick Cellarmanship Training Scholarship at NERAX

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Head Cellarman Randy Baril demonstrates how to properly serve a firkin on gravity tap.

The Jeff Charnick Cellarmanship Training Scholarship is named in honor of Jeff Charnick, one of the founders of CASC. Jeff was the brewmaster at one of the first brewpubs in the Boston area, Commonwealth Brewing. He served as Head Cellarman at NERAX for the first several years.

The training will take place during the week of the next New England Real Ale eXhibition (NERAX), held every spring, usually near the end of March. The trainee works along with our Head Cellarman to learn the intricacies of setting up, caring for, serving and take down of the cask-conditioned beers served at NERAX. Applicants should be prepared to set aside the whole week to cellaring at NERAX, from the Sunday before the festival to the Sunday afterward. A trainee who successfully completes the Jeff Charnik cellarmanship training course will be given a certificate from CASC, certifying their qualifications to handle cask-conditioned beer.

We are accepting applications now for 2018.

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In 2014 the Jeff Charnick Cellarmanship Training Scholarship was awarded to Alex Franko of Jamaica Plain. Of course Alex is a beer lover but is also a home brewer and an intern at Blue Hills Brewery in Canton, MA. As have many before him, Alex fell in love with cask beer at NERAX and wanted to gain more experience with Real Ale. His dream is to one day own his own brewery and to produce great cask-conditioned ales. Congratulations to Alex!

The 2013 Charnick Scholar was Kelly McKnight. Kelly first fell in love with cask beer shortly after turning 21 in Fort Collins, Colorado where she had a cask-conditioned IPA from Big Time Brewery. She was so taken with this experience that this spurred her into home brewing and eventually to brew professionally. Kelly became a brewer at Watch City Brewing in Waltham, MA. She has returned to NERAX as a member of the cellar team.